UPM Formi

UPM Formi Pro granulates for industrial and consumer applications


UPM Formi Pro opens a new world for sustainable composite products in a wide range of industrial and consumer applications, such as electronics, furniture, household products etc. UPM Formi Pro is a recyclable and odorless composite material with consistent quality. It brings new possibilities to injection molding and extrusion by combining high-quality to sustainability.


UPM Formi composite is recyclable and suitable for energy production after disposal.
UPM started the production of biocomposites in a pilot plant in Lahti, Finland, almost a decade ago.


  • cellulose fibres increase stiffness and strength of polypropylene
  • smooth and reliable processability.
  • the mouldability of granulates for a wide range of end products with precise details
  • unlimited dyeing possibilities and great paintability.

Easy to process

UPM Formi Pro is a cellulose fibre reinforced plastic composite, incorporating a renewable material content as high as up to 50 per cent. The composite is specially designed for injection moulding applications, but also extrusion grades are available. The UPM Formi granulates allow short cycle time and smooth and reliable processability.


Certified end products from certified raw material

All wood supplies are covered by a third-party verified chain of custody. UPM uses certified fibre to the highest degree possible and promotes a global increase in the use of certified wood. UPM Formi is available with PEFC™ certification. End products manufactured from certified raw materials can also obtain a those certifications. The certification can be used for the marketing purposes and it is a proof of the importance of ecological values for the brand.


Lower carbon footprint with a high renewable content

Cellulose fibre composite UPM Formi reduces the use of non-renewable resources. Chemical pulp is a first-class raw material with consistent quality. As a natural Biofore product, it consists of virtually pure cellulose fibres. Recyclable pulp, produced from renewable raw materials, generates renewable energy in the production process. Oil-based plastics are replaced with cellulose fibres, leading to a lower carbon footprint. UPM Formi has considerably smaller carbon footprint compared to traditional plastics, such as virgin polypropylene, ABS and PC, with 30–60% lower CO2 emissions, depending on the plastics being compared.



​The UPM Formi material is highly suitable for manufacturing different types of industrial and consumer products.

Excellent colourability

The fact that UPM Formi is a uniform composite material allows for better processability in injection moulding, while the clean and white fibres provide excellent colourability, making UPM Formi a successful and more cost-effective alternative to technical plastics.



Environmentally sound UPM Formi EXP grades are optimized for use in extrusion applications instead of polypropylene, filled polypropylene or several other plastics.

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Injection moulding

UPM Formi Pro is a durable, high quality, natural fibre-based biocomposite designed for conventional injection moulding. The granulates offer smooth and reliable processability. A specially selected mixture of virgin plastic completes the mouldability of granulates for a wide range of end products with precise details. In addition, UPM Formi offers unlimited dyeing possibilities.

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