UPM Formi

UPM Formi for injection moulding

UPM Formi is a durable, high quality, natural fibre-based biocomposite designed for conventional injection moulding. The granulates offer smooth and reliable processability. A specially selected mixture of virgin plastic completes the mouldability of granulates for a wide range of end products with precise details. In addition, UPM Formi offers unlimited dyeing possibilities.


Benefits for injection moulding

  • UPM Formi can also be moulded in different colours, making it not only eco-friendly but also on-trend when it comes to high quality colour, a feature that is difficult to maintain with many other bio materials.
  • The absence of lignin in UPM Formi means that it is odourless, and it exhibits good processability that is compatible with existing injection moulding machines. it also has better colourability and a very smooth, consistent and bright surface finish comparable with high quality thermoplastics on the market today.
  • The key benefits of UPM Formi are that it can be moulded with variable wall thicknesses and exhibits less shrinkage than polypropylene, allowing for more accurate products.


Excellent colourability

The fact that UPM Formi is a uniform composite material allows for better processability in injection moulding, while the clean and white fibres provide excellent colourability, making UPM Formi a successful and more cost-effective alternative to technical plastics.


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