Formnext 2023

At Formnext, from November 7 to 10, 2023, in Frankfurt am Main, an assembly of more than 800 exhibitors and in excess of 30,000 participants will converge, effectively metamorphosing Frankfurt into the epicenter of Additive Manufacturing. This gathering, affectionately referred to as the "fAMily," is profoundly devoted to fostering the ever-expanding integration of Additive Manufacturing within industrial contexts.

Formnext not only serves as a platform for showcasing state-of-the-art 3D printers designed for industrial applications but also offers a comprehensive spectrum of technologies encompassing the entire production process. Attendees, spanning diverse application industries, will encounter a diverse array of elements, including the most suitable materials for their specific applications, automation solutions, software designed to support various facets of the design, planning, and production processes, and technologies dedicated to post-processing and quality control. Formnext provides an all-encompassing experience for individuals and businesses looking to stay on the cutting edge of Additive Manufacturing.

This year, UPM Biocomposites is excited to take part in the Formnext fair through various partners. We are pleased to introduce innovative materials for large-scale additive manufacturing.

About UPM Formi 3D:

  • UPM Formi 3D incorporates the unique functionality of wood-based cellulose fibers into 3D printing.
  • This sustainable bio-based plastic, combined with cellulose fibers, brings new technical advantages and added value to large-scale additive manufacturing.
  • UPM Formi 3D is a drop-in material, allowing new possibilities without design limitations.
  • Cellulose stabilizes the 3D printing process, ensuring reliable printing performance.
  • The material's wood-like properties and matte surface make it ideal for post-processing, including painting, waxing, milling, or sanding. It can also be combined with wooden structures.

Widely used by the 3D printing industry:

Formnext exhibitors and their locations:

  1. Adaxis - Hall 12.1 B81

    • Adaxis is a French-Swedish robotics software company focused on making advanced manufacturing processes accessible. Find out more
    • UPM Formi 3D granules for large-scale additive manufacturing have been tested and validated by Adaxis.
  2. Aibuild - Hall 11.1 B29

    • Aibuild provides additive manufacturing software to simplify and automate the entire AM process. Find out more
    • UPM Formi 3D granules for large-scale additive manufacturing have been tested and validated by Aibuild. 
    • See 3D printed Pick & Place gripper for automotive industry manufactured by using UPM Formi 3D20/19 at Ai Builds stand.

  3. CEAD - Hall 12.1 C91

    • CEAD is a technology supplier of 3D printing equipment specializing in large-scale composite additive manufacturing. Find out more
    • CEAD will be showcasing Formi samples at their stand, and Eve Saarikoski, Product Manager of UPM Formi, will give a keynote presentation at CEAD's stand 7.11. at 15:30. Read more
  4. 3Devo - Hall 12.1 G129

    • 3devo is a Dutch tech company empowering innovators and creators through accessible, high-quality products for 3D printing applications. Find out more
    • UPM Formi 3D granules have been tested and validated with 3Devo's filament makers. 
  5.   Kexcelled - Hall 12.1 G19

    • Northbridge is a leading international supplier of additive manufacturing materials, focusing on the development, production, and sales of additive manufacturing polymer materials. Find out more

    • Northbridge is launching new co-branded granules and filaments in collaboration with UPM under their Kexcelled brand.
    • Cool "flat pack" furniture designed by Gabriel Stuart from Filamental Furniture will be showcased at their stand.
  6. Reichenbacher Hamuel GmbH - Hall 11.0 F07

    • Reichenbacher Hamuel GmbH has made a name for themselves globally as a first-class manufacturer of CNC processing centers that live up to the highest standards.

    • At Formnext, Reichenbacher Hamuel introduces hybrid machines that combine additive and subtractive manufacturing technologies tailored to meet the specific requirements of customers.

    • See live printing and vacuum infusion mould made for Parexo (Parexo Crafts) by using UPM Formi 3D20/19 at Reichenbacher Hamuels stand.

  7. Siemens - Hall 12.1 D119

    • Siemens provides software and hardware tools for AM and offers holistic solutions for designing, validating, and optimizing parts. Find out more
    • Check out printed and milled mold samples manufactured by Reichenbacher Hamuel using UPM Formi 3D20/19 at Siemens' stand.
  8.   HANS WEBER machinery  - Hall 11.1 C41

    • HANS WEBER machinery GmbH is innovative, globally operating family-owned company specialized in mechanical engineering. Webers products range from extruders for plastics processing to grinding machines for wood and metal to our new developments in the field of robotics & automation and additive manufacturing. Find out more  
    • You can find some rattan style pots made by using UPM Formi at Webers stand.

About UPM Biocomposites: UPM Biocomposites offers innovation-driven, high-performing biobased materials. Our business develops, manufactures, markets, and sells high-quality composite products for outdoor end uses in construction and granulates for a wide range of industrial and consumer applications. Our factories are located in Finland and Germany.

Find out more about UPM Formi 3D from our product page: