Sustainable value engineering, material selection and know-how, industrial tooling systems form the basis for the technology set at UPM Biocomposites.

In our dna are value-chain thinking, capabilities of understanding standards of plastics, combined with renewable materials which are biobased and can be biodegradable or non-biodegradable. We call these materials as biocomposites. Our constant efforts and research and development are seeking for ever more sustainable future – beyond fossil-based materials.

From these pages you will find manufacturing technologies, product performance & technical specifications, processing guidelines, process validations as well as recommendations for tooling. Our comprehensive engineering and material expertise and support is available globally. We provide application development service in Europe and also have an application development center which is located in China.



Product development and intellectual property rights

Research and product development are an important part of UPM’s strategy. UPM has a broad patent portfolio that provides value creation potential in the future. Licensing of innovations and technologies provides an excellent basis for value creation with customers and technology partners. UPM Formi products and processes are covered by several patents.

granted patents and patents validations in 2020 by UPM

patent filings and validations in 2020 by UPM


Sustainable manufacturing

Sustainability is a big word that can be approached from many angles and decoded into different sub segments. Whatever is on the stake one should always act responsibly when considering sustainability. We at UPM Formi approach sustainability seriously and like a true technology leader we take responsibility for providing renewable material solutions for your end use. Our shared goal with customers is always to cut down the fossil-based materials in various end uses.

Responsibility for providing sustainable products in the industry starts from sustainably managed forest waste streams where we don´t only get our fiber and filler components, but also the basis of polymer components used in UPM Formi products.

Part of responsibility is to value transparency which why we trust the chain of custody, PEFC certified (FIN-PEFC-COC-1563) forests and ISCC certified polymer production are important.

In addition to certificates or science proven LCA's, very often our customers want to speak sustainability through the natural appearance or haptics of our products. Where wood particles as fillers provide natural, wood like, visual appearance, cellulose fibers provide products soft feel surface. Depending on the end use we find the best fit product in co-operation with our technical support and the customer.



Manufacturing technologies