UPM leads the integration of bio and forest industries into a sustainable future. It means versatile use of recyclable and renewable wood biomass, combined with innovation, efficiency and ​responsibility.


Replacing fossil based raw materials

Cellulose fibre composite UPM Formi reduces the use of non-renewable resources. Chemical pulp is a first-class raw material with consistent quality. As a natural Biofore product, it consists of virtually pure cellulose fibres. Oil-based plastics are replaced with cellulose fibres.


Certified end products from certified raw material

Forests are one of our most valuable natural resources. They play a key role in maintaining biodiversity and balancing climate change, and provide shelter, food and energy for wildlife and human beings. UPM operates according to principles of sustainable forest management: the origin of wood is always known, and good forest management practices are promoted. All wood supplies are covered by a third-party verified chain of custody. UPM uses certified fibre to the highest degree possible and promotes a global increase in the use of certified wood.

UPM Formi EcoAce - almost 100% based on renewables

Durable not biodegradable
Utilizing residues of existing UPM processes and wood/cellulose fibers from sustainable managed forestry
No deforestation, no extra occupation of agricultural fields needed, no conflict with the food production chain


Recycled and recyclable

UPM Formi is recyclable and it fits into existing recycling streams. It is also suitable for energy production after disposal.


UPM Biocomposites has been awarded several certificates, including PEFC (FIN-PEFC-COC-1563). All UPM Biocomposites certificates are listed on Certificate Finder.