World is changing in a vast pace. Global trends shape the way we live, consume and behave. These megatrends include big themes such as growth, urbanization, digitalization, climate change and sustainability.


Disruptive new business models and technologies are constantly emerging. Many traditional business models are put into question due to new value chains caused by changing consumer behaviors and growing e-commerce. Globally can be seen private consumption growth: purchasing has been made easy and instant as ever in a mobile and digitalized world.

There is a growing demand to replace fossil energy and oil-based materials by renewable ones. In all markets there are initiatives and policies to mitigate the climate change. New materials and technologies are being developed to achieve sustainable development.

UPM has sustainability in its core. Circular economy and ecodesign are part of its businesses. Finnish-based UPM is a multi-billion dollar corporate company doing businesses in all continents and offering renewable and recyclable materials based from wood.

As part of the UPM mother company, UPM Biocomposites consists of UPM Formi granulates for injection moulding, extrusion and 3D printing and UPM ProFi outdoor products for construction. The UPM Formi composite can be used to replace plastic in many applications, from furniture to consumer electronics. UPM Formi is manufactured from fibre and plastics.

UPM Formi material offers performance advantages, compared to traditional polymers. We, at UPM Biocomposites, have a deep understanding of the market requirements. Our personnel have strong expertise in this field, and we can support you with your needs and ideas. UPM Formi offers endless application opportunities, when performance, sustainability and cost-efficiency counts.

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