UPM Formi grades for injection moulding

UPM Formi Injection Moulding

​UPM Formi composite is composed of wood-based cellulose and plastic. The granulate grades are suitable for injection moulding. The high strength and stiffness of UPM Formi means that structures can be made thinner and lighter, which in turn reduces the consumption of raw materials. This is also an advantage in product transportation.

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​UPM Formi photos

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      • cellulose fibres increase stiffness and strength of polypropylene
      • smooth and reliable processability.
      • the mouldability of granulates for a wide range of end products with precise details
      • unlimited dyeing possibilities and great paintability.
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The UPM Formi composite granulates are manufactured from clean plastic polymers and cellulose fibres. Renewable raw material is sourced via UPM's supply chain from sustainably managed forests. UPM Formi has considerably smaller carbon footprint compared to traditional plastics, such as virgin polypropylene, ABS and PC, with 30–60% lower CO2 emissions, depending on the plastics being compared.

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  • UPM Formi composite is recyclable and suitable for energy production after disposal.
  • UPM started the production of the biocomposite in a pilot plant in Lahti, Finland in spring 2012.