Story | 02/13/2024 07:38:10 | 1 min Read time

A Decade of Sustainable Innovation: The Miinus Kitchen Journey with UPM Formi

In Finland, the town of Harjavalta, Puustelli, the nation's kitchen furniture manufacturer, embarked on a mission to redefine kitchen design with sustainability at its core. The Miinus kitchen, a masterpiece of ecological cuisine, embodied principles of sustainability, adaptability, and non-toxicity.

For years, Puustelli worked with Finnish researchers and experts to navigate sustainable materials and manufacturing methods. Each component of the Miinus kitchen underwent scrutiny, with its carbon footprint calculated to ensure eco-friendliness.

Traditional materials were replaced with alternative solutions, with the injection-molded bio-frame structure featuring UPM Formi biocomposite. This material offered superior durability and sustainability, enhancing the kitchen's design.

At Puustelli's factory, craftsmanship merged traditional carpentry with modern production techniques. Transparency and accountability were paramount, with UPM Formi Pro biocomposite material playing a role in reducing the kitchen frame's ecological footprint.

The impact of Miinus kitchens extended beyond design and craftsmanship. They represent a shift towards sustainability, captivating environmentally conscious consumers and gaining acclaim in construction projects where eco-values matters.

The legacy of Miinus kitchens continue. They stand as a symbol of Finnish craftsmanship and a beacon of hope for a greener future—one kitchen at a time, with UPM Formi Pro biocomposite material leading the way.