Concrete casting moulds

Printing complex shapes with UPM Formi 3D – concrete casting moulds as  a  foundation for a fireplace

Manufacturing of complex shaped parts with high geometrical tolerances by large scale additive manufacturing require materials that have high dimensional stability. UPM Formi 3D fits well for producing complex concrete casting moulds. A Finnish manufacturer Lumotuli has created unique fireplace from concrete elements that are created by utilizing large scale printing technology and UPM biocomposite.

The fireplace manufacturer:

  • Lumotuli, a startup company from Finland
  • Fireplaces for barbequing
  • Assembly of the fireplace is possible even without a professional installer
  • Fireplace is energy-efficient and ecological

Main benefits of using UPM Formi 3D material:

Efficient manufacturing

  • Scrap rate of concrete casting mould is virtually 0%
  • Lead time is reduced to minimum

Easiness of mould installation

  • The concrete casting moulds are 35% lighter compared to CNC milled ones

Printing high overhangs

Self-supporting molten state properties and fast cooling enable round and other complex shapes to be produced. With UPM Formi 3D 20, it is possible to print up to 75-degree overhangs without support.


Wood-like post-processing with a matte surface texture makes UPM Formi 3D the ideal material for any further processing needs.


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