Mysoda made of UPM Formi EcoAce highly recognized in international design competitions

Mysoda Woody has won the prestigious international If DESIGN AWARD, GOLD CATEGORY.

Today’s consumers demand more sustainable choices. Mysoda has revolutionized home carbonation category by bringing to market alternatives where sustainability is brought to completely new level, by using almost 100 % renewable based UPM Formi EcoAce biocomposite as a raw material, instead of fossil-based plastics. And it has not gone unnoticed!

iF Design Award jury describes the Gold category winner:
"This product is the perfect embodiment of good design principles, satisfying on so many levels. It is visually pleasing and useful, environmentally forward-thinking and even trailblazing in its use of wood-based material. In every detail, the Mysoda Woody is a beautifully-designed product. Wow!"

  “Our client, Mysoda, had a clear vision: they wanted to change this category by bringing in new, environmentally friendly material combined with outstanding design. That is how we found UPM Formi EcoAce, biocomposite which is derived from side streams of wood industry and thus does not require additional harvesting or harm food chain. We’re very proud of the look and feel of the product and this iF gold award!”, says Arni Aromaa, Creative Director, Partner and CEO of Pentagon Design, agency behind the design of the product.

Earlier in April, Mysoda won also prestigious Red Dot Design Award. We’re all thrilled to be part of this journey of bringing sustainable choices to everyday life and kitchen!


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