Shine Shanghai, Being Home design exhibition with UPM Formi 3D material for 3D printing

Every year, top-ranked designers from various fields in Shanghai are gathered to a design event. The designers are given specified materials and a theme to conduct subjective and independent entity and finally present their outputs.

2021 years theme was Zhai (宅), Being home. This was chosen since in 2020 Zhai became a must instead of a choice because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The exhibition was organised by Tongji University (College of Design and Innovation) in collaboration with Xuberance Design. The products were made from UPM Formi 3D raw material for 3D printing which was supplied by Hangzhou Kewan New Material SciTech.Co.Ltd.

Below you can see a few examples of the designers’ outputs and their interpretation of the results.


Orchid Chair, Steven MA

The chair is ergonomic in shape, and in line with the principle of FDM3D printing molding. This printing process is completely environmentally friendly.

Users can customize the furniture suitable for their own human body scale by zooming in and out of the model. At the same time, they can choose their favorite color through the Pantone color number to improve the sense of customization and effectively extend the service life of furniture.

The adoption of 3D printing completely breaks away from the waste problem of abrasive tools brought by traditional mold processing. At the same time, there is no need for large-scale production, as ordered, it saves the waste of raw materials for cutting by traditional manufacturing and reduces the storage pressure brought by large-scale manufacturing.

Formi3D's eco-friendly material was chosen for the 3D-printed chair, which is made of wood fibers from Finnish forest trees that can meet the needs of degradation.



Large-scale 3D printed furniture, The home life of a pet family, CHEN Zimia

The design combines the functional and decorative aspects of furniture, and the parametric algorithm generates complex, irregular, and unique patterns that can be adjusted to produce different customized products quickly, giving full play to the advantages of 3D printed furniture in terms of fast and integrated production, accurate printing of irregular surfaces, and close integration with design.

The manufacturing process of recyclable materials through robotic 3D printing, realizes sustainable manufacturing based on new materials and technologies.


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