Freedom of design for furniture manufacturing

UPM Formi 3D – Freedom of design for furniture manufacturing

  • Efficient manufacturing without moulds
  • Natural touch and light colors
  • 100% recyclable

Dark Satine Chair by Xuberance

The combination of digital modelling and robot arm allow designers the freedom to design different kinds of variations and infinite shapes.

“The layered lines produced by the additive manufacturing method further integrates to the design itself, reminding the user of the extraordinary birth of this furniture”, says the team of designers from Xuberance, China. Xuberance’s designers team adheres to the sculptural “extreme glamorous” design style.

The unique and pioneering design, brings a spectacular feeling, redefines the life style and quality, is deeply admired and appreciated by the unique, cutting-edge, ambitious, and creative “new hedonism”.

Main benefits of using UPM Formi 3D material:

Efficient manufacturing

  • Scrap rate of production is virtually 0%
  • Weight is reduced to minimum

New biobased alternative

  • Biobased materials are 100% recyclable
  • UPM Formi 3D biocomposite is not only sustainable material but also has the right product properties for this purpose

Natural touch and light colours

Various colour options with a matte surface texture are possible thanks to the pure lignin-free cellulose fibres.

Printing high overhangs

Self-supporting molten state properties and fast cooling enable round and other complex shapes to be produced.
With UPM Formi 3D 20, it is possible to print up to 60-degree overhangs without support.


Wood-like post-processing with a matte surface texture makes UPM Formi 3D the ideal material for any further processing needs.


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