New serving trays for ABC service stations made from UPM Formi biocomposite

In summer 2023, ABC restaurants will receive thousands of new serving trays, combining Finnish design and functionality. These trays, made from UPM Formi biocomposite, will replace the old plastic trays.

- Biocomposite is suitable for injection moulded and extruded products where a soft and warm feel with the appearance of renewable origin is desired., says Mikko Lassila, Business Development Director at UPM.

Around twenty ABC service stations in Finland will initially adopt the new trays, while the old trays will be recycled as concrete roadblocks, supporting traffic safety.

– We wanted this change to promote circular economy, support local design and ensure that the trays were locally produced. Initially, we will introduce around 10,000 new trays made from renewable materials to ABC stations and recycle the old ones. We see that the change is already a significant circular economy action on a national scale, says Teemu Vehniäinen, Development Manager at SOK.

The new trays feature a special design that allows customers to conveniently place their mobile phones on them during breaks. The trays also have a faster drying process after washing. The award-winning agency Magisso designed these innovative trays.

When the trays reach the end of their lifecycle, they are recycled into pellets for manufacturing new trays.