The future of the kitchen = the more sustainable kitchen by Puustelli Miinus

With Puustelli Miinus kitchen, a big leap is taken ahead on the track to make kitchens more sustainable and also healthy. Based on indoor air measurements and carbon footprint calculations, Puustelli identified at an early stage, materials required to reduce a kitchen’s environmental impact. They redesigned their kitchens, made them lighter and more ecological to transport.

This became possible by using UPM Formi HP40 biocomposite as raw material in the Miinus product line’s frame. This material is reinforced with cellulose fibers. According to Puustelli UPM Formi doesn't only make it more sustainable, but also lighter to transport and handle.

Environmental aspects are taken into account throughout every step of the Puustelli Miinus kitchen’s process, from manufacture to transportation right through to the end of it’s lifecycle - remember, a Miinus kitchen is recyclable.

The road to developing Miinus was long, at times even difficult, but it was a path worth seeing through to the end. The result - the Miinus kitchen, is an ecological, pioneering kitchen brand and the only one of its kind.