UPM Formi 3D40 brings added value and unique properties for PLA based 3D filaments via fine cellulose fibres.


Works even with small nozzles
Improved dimensional stability for PLA
Easy to process
Ideal for mould making

End use possibilities

Our masterbatch grade UPM Formi 3D40 is meant to be blended with native PLA plastics. PLA filaments having 25% content of 3D40 have the following properties and end use possibilities.

  • High performance in small scale casting molds
  • Concept models for architecture with full matte surface
  • High dimensional stability in filament printing
  • Works with small nozzles
  • Wood like postprocessing of 3D printed parts
  • Ideal for visual models requiring aesthetic details
  • Optimal for lampshades. Natural fibre let’s light trough in lampshades in warm fashion
  • Improved acoustic performance over PLA in 3D printed cabinets

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UPM Formi 3D granules are sold with:

  1. Normal UPM Formi granules sales agreement
  2. Partnership agreement with UPM including the following:
    • Sales agreement
    • Technical support
    • Support in product development
    • Co-branding marketing material and visibility

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We are part of Ultimaker Material Alliance Program

UPM Biocomposites is involved in Ultimaker Material Alliance Program, providing testing support for new filament products containing UPM:s raw materials. The Ultimaker Material Alliance Program allows filament companies to offer their products in the Ultimaker Marketplace. Companies can upload their Print Profiles and provide extensive information. Together, Ultimaker and Materials companies offer unprecedented hassle-free, first-time-right-printing and ease of use to our joint end-users.

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