Large scale additive manufacturing (LSAM) transforms the way of producing large pieces. Granulate-based printing is 37 times faster than filament-based methods on average, enabling large constructions to be printed efficiently. UPM Formi 3D composite materials fits well to LSAM processes.


Efficient manufacturing without moulds
Natural touch
100% recyclable
New sustainable alternative

Main benefits of using UPM Formi 3D material for LSAM

Efficient manufacturing

  • Scrap rate of production is virtually 0%
  • Easy to print large constructions
  • Weight of the parts is reduced to minimum
  • Manufacturing without moulds
  • Wood like post processing

New sustainable alternative

  • Biobased materials are 100% recyclable
  • Biocomposite is a sustainable material: the wood fibres originate from certified forests

Mould making


  • Long lead times of casting moulds. Significant amount of waste generated by CNC milling

3D printing of casting moulds enables:

  • Sreamlined and simlified local mould production with minimum amout of manual work needed
  • Faster lead time
  • Significant mould weight reduction
  • No waste / high material effiency
  • Compatibility with plywood stuctures

Freedom of design for sustainable furniture manufacturing

  • Efficient manufacturing without moulds
  • Natural touch
  • Several colour possibilities, by adding colour masterbatches during the printing process

Outstanding processing capabilities

UPM Formi 3D grades are safe and easy to print in open athmosphere.

Grade recommendation: UPM Formi 3D 20

UPM Formi 3D 20 is an excellent material for granulate-based 3D printing with large nozzles (2–8 mm) due to its dimensional stability.

  • Self-supporting molten stage properties
  • Improved first layer adhesion
  • Shear thinning melt flow
  • Fast cooling
  • Extremely low shrinkage
  • Cellulose fibres prevent the creation of internal stresses
  • Soft to sand
  • Improved paint absorption

Final prints can be further post-processed e.g. for outdoor use.

Photo illustrates adaptive layer height 3D printing of a perfect sphere (photo credit: Adaxis / Sculptur). See video.



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