UPM Formi

Large Scale Additive Manufacturing


Large scale additive manufacturing (LSAM) transforms the way of producing large pieces. Granulate-based printing is 37 times faster than filament-based methods on average, enabling large constructions to be printed efficiently. UPM Formi 3D composite materials fits well to LSAM processes.


Efficient manufacturing without moulds
Natural touch and light colors
100% recyclable
New sustainable alternative

Main benefits of using UPM Formi 3D material for LSAM

Efficient manufacturing

  • Scrap rate of production is virtually 0%
  • Easy to print large constructions
  • Weight of the parts is reduced to minimum
  • Manufacturing without moulds
  • Wood like post processing

New sustainable alternative

  • Biobased materials are 100% recyclable
  • Biocomposite is a sustainable material: the wood fibres originate from certified forests
  • Its carbon foot print is 50% less compared to traditional oil-based materials

Mould making


  • Long lead times of casting moulds. Significant amount of waste generated by CNC milling

3D printing of casting moulds enables:

  • Sreamlined and simlified local mould production with minimum amout of manual work needed
  • Faster lead time
  • Significant mould weight reduction
  • No waste / high material effiency
  • Compatibility with plywood stuctures

Freedom of design for sustainable furniture manufacturing

  • Efficient manufacturing without moulds
  • Natural touch and light colors

Outstanding processing capabilities

UPM Formi 3D grades are safe and easy to print in open athmosphere.

Grade recommendation: UPM Formi 3D 20
UPM Formi 3D 20 is an excellent material for granulate-based 3D printing with large nozzles (2–8 mm) due to its dimensional stability.

  • Self-supporting molten stage properties
  • Improved first layer adhesion
  • Shear thinning melt flow
  • Fast cooling
  • Extremely low shrinkage
  • Cellulose fibres prevent the creation of internal stresses
  • Soft to sand
  • Improved paint absorption
  • Can be glued using wood glue

Final prints can be further post-processed e.g. for outdoor use.




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