Naturally perfect prints with UPM Formi 3D printing grades

UPM Formi 3D printing

UPM Formi 3D grades are designed and developed especially for 3D printing. Unique combination of fine cellulose fibres together with carefully selected additives bring printing with natural fiber composites to the next level. Learn more about UPM Formi 3D printing products.

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UPM Formi 3D reference | 3D-FI speaker

NEW reference: 3D-FI speaker

Innovative design is possible due to UPM Formi 3D’s natural light colours and wood like matt texture.

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​The Leaf Bridge

The 2m Leaf Bridge was printed together with several of Finland’s leading technology players.

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​Fused Granular Fabrication

Granulate-based printing is 37 times faster than filament-based methods on average, enabling large constructions to be printed efficiently.

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UPM Formi 3D | Fused Granular Fabrication
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​UPM Formi 3D photos

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Filaments made with UPM Formi 3D grades deliver the following properties for 3D printing:

• Natural touch and feel

• Wide range of colors/textures

• Compatible with small nozzles

• Very good dimensional stability in large scale printing

• Works in two nozzle printing

• Possible to print overhangs up to 75 degree without support

• Wood like post-processing

• High detail printing

• Extreme low warp

• Good water and weather resistance

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